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Nota Bene Communications (NBC) provides creative and consultation services to fill the void between big goliath ad agencies and small graphic & web design firms with limited knowledge and experience in result-oriented marketing and branding strategies.

NBC has a proven process that has been built and refined for 10 years. Unlike many other agencies, NBC's approach to each project stems from our clients' objectives. We combine our client's, their client's and our unbiased outsider's perspectives to form an effective marketing strategy. This process results in what we call a BrandPrint that gives everyone a clear and undisputed foundation from which to design, develop and implement all forms of communication material.

We invite you to take a look at our portfolio section and form your own opinions of NBC's work. Expect to find hundreds of examples from a wide variety of industries. By servicing numerous industries, NBC has the advantage of having an overview of the local market, this means that it doesn't have a myopic vision which may develop if it deals with just a few industries. This is crucial as it leads to a true outsider's perspective which is required to build a successful branding or rebranding campaign.

NBC has a talented team with years of successful experience to draw from. Each team member is focussed on delivering your objectives, and has the necessary skills and abilities to provide you with the end-results that you desire.

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