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The business was founded in 1998 by design and marketing enthusiast Nicholas Lim as Silversurf, a firm specialising in cutting-edge web designs. By 2001, it expanded to service clients who raved about their illustration and animation work. With new partners on board, it soon evolved to an agency christened "Nota Bene Communications" (NBC) specialising in developing brand identities, advertising and web development.

Nota Bene, pronounced as <Note-ah Ben-ee>, is more commonly known by its abbreviation "N.B". It is a Latin phrase. Loosely translated, it means "note well" or "take note of". In its abbreviated form (N.B.) it is used to direct attention to something particularly important. However, its true meaning lies in its root Latin which describes "nota" as a distinguishing mark or brand; and "bene" as "well", "rightly" and "properly". Anyone who has read books in English has one time or other, must have seen the abbreviation "N.B." , but not everyone knows it's meaning. The name was chosen for its effective communicative attributes by drawing curiosity as well as its very apt meaning. Today, we take great pleasure and pride to explain its origin.


What is NBC's mission?

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