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How Effective Is Your Brand? A Brand Evaluation

Complete this short branding evaluation to see how effective your brand is! Please select a corresponding number that represents your answer.

1   -   Very Poor
2   -   Poor
3   -   Average
4   -   Good
5   -   Excellent
  1 2 3 4 5
How visually appealing is your brand?
Is your brand alluring so that others want to find out more?
Does everyone in your organisation understand what your brand is about?
How does your brand/identity image compare with your competition?
Do you and your colleagues like your current logo and identity materials?
How long ago was it when you last had your identity/brand updated? (1 being over 10 years ago and 5 being 1 year ago)
Within your target market, is your brand known beyond your existing clientele?
Do you have all the necessary materials (logo files, brand imagery, fonts) to produce marketing/corporate materials (from web to large format print)?
Do you have sufficient brand/corporate identity guidelines to ensure consistency within your organisation and your vendors/distributors?
How good are your communication collaterals e.g.. business cards, stationary, brochures and other printed materials.
Do customers and peers compliment you on your logo or collaterals? (1 being hardly and 5 being daily).
Does your web site offer benefits and calls to action?
How do others perceive your organisation after visiting your website?
Are your communication/brand materials (logo, collaterals, website, e-mails, etc.) cohesive and look uniformed?
Are your offline (print) and online (web) communication materials projecting the same message?
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