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What Makes a Better Brochure? - Quick tips to help you get a brochure that gets results


It may seem simple, but most people forget about this step: You have to set in stone what you want to achieve with your new brochure.

Look and feel

Then, decide what kind of brochure you’d like in terms of look and feel. Look around for samples and other existing materials for ideas, and select those that may fit the bill (along with the objectives that you’ve identified earlier).

Promote your products and services

Assuming that this is a main objective of the brochure, layout the key benefits and why people should buy from you. Add in details about after-sales service too.

Promote your organisation

Speak about who you are and give a brief history outlining credentials. People like to deal with someone they know, not a stranger. Add in positive comments, testimonials and feedback from clients. Consider a short client list as well.

Promote your USP

What is your Unique Selling Point? What is special about you and your services/products in the market that you are dealing in? Tell them about it.

Keep it simple

Keep things simple. Complicated brochures may lead to confusion especially if you try to put in too many elements in a brochure.  Text copy should also be kept to a minimal. Remember, it is not a book.

Keep to the point

Take away all unnecessary content like Mission Statements, and any technical jargon that your target audience may not understand. Keep things focused on your objectives.

Keep it relevant

Avoid time-sensitive information if you intend to use the brochure for a long time, for example, price lists, exchange rates and delivery schedules which tend to change. Photos of staff should also be avoided for similar reasons.

Keep it professional

Please do not use print companies for design work. They would probably hire freelance graphic artists or use their in-hose layout artists. Both will not do your objectives justice and your marketing exercise will be put in jeopardy.
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