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Saving Money on Design and Branding - Should you consider in-house design and branding?

If you don’t have the in-house resources (with a proper design and branding team), conventional wisdom says “nay”… or is there more to this? Read on to learn:

Ability and Manpower

Let’s face it, even if you had a team of people tasked to carry out your design and branding project, will they have the necessary skills and time to do a proper job? Will they be able to work, analyze and improve strategies, brainstorm, etc? Do you even have the right hardware and software as well as a complete network of good vendors to assure success? Branding is a big deal, and if handled in an inadequate fashion it can lead to a disastrous result which may take months or even years to fix.


Ask yourself if your in-house ‘team’’ has had any experience in creating brands or fulfilled marketing/design objectives professionally. Are they equipped to handle different scenarios of different requirements? Is there enough experience to take the project though or are you gambling with your brand?

Project Management

Can your organization afford the opportunity cost of a full-time project manager for your in-house project? He or she has to be working on ensuring that all elements are working cohesively and that all factors like revisions, approvals, collaboration, etc are considered, and that’s a full-time task.

Dollars and Sense

The cost of employing the right people for the job (even just a few) will be considerable and even exorbitant. At a fraction of the cost a proper creative agency could be a better bet for you as long as it can offer complete turn-key solutions and services to you.  

True Perspective

Which do you think is more important - Your perspective or your clients? It’s obvious that your clients win hands down, and do note that it is an outside perspective that we’re talking about. An external agency isn’t afraid to tell it as it is whereas an internal staff may have difficulties in being objective.

Do consider the above and carefully access your situation. You may even want to get feedback from your colleagues and peers (share this article) and have a discussion later to weigh the pros and cons.

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