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Equator Human Resourcesa Case Study

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Equator Human Resources helps organisations in Singapore to fulfill their foreign manpower needs. In its quest to become one of the top players in Singapore, it needed to realign the branding of the business so that it would project the right image to the potential mutlinational clients.

Nota Bene worked with the Directors of Equator to redefine their logo and corporate colours. A new one was finally adopted and a plan was insalled to apply the new design to all of its communication materials and this was quickly implemented throughout the organisation. Other services that were also employed included professional photography, videography and copywriting.

It didn’t take long for Equator to spread the word about its new and improved look. Their existing, and more importantly, new clients all gavel their stamp of approval. A new set of marketing tools were developed for immediate use, and this included a new website, marketing kits and a mass-produced magazine-sized brochures. To further enhance on the new branding, new staff passes were designed for daily use as well as for roadshows and exhibitions. Nota Bene helped in all of these aspects including enviromental graphics and corporate videos.

Today Equator has a regional network spanning Bangladesh, China, India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. It has also has been expanding at a fast rate and now has a fleet of vehicles to help service its clients better. Nota Bene continues to supprt Equator’s quest in improving their marketing and promotional activities as it moves into a new phase by going into the Executive Search Industry.


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