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E-Book Systemsa Case Study

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E-Books Systems developed what is known as today a FlipBook. Being one of the more successful pioneers in the E-Book industry it had a mission to keep up with the newer players who were churning out newer and cooler looking website and marketing materials.

Nota Bene worked with the EBS team to develop and new and more relevant website. Other communication materials were also considered which included collaterals, print advertisements, online banner advertisements, and two in-house e-magazines. An old online reseller program also needed to be studied to see if it could be revived.

The website content was relooked, and more importantly, the look and feel of the web site was overhauled. This new look appeals to the target audience more and gives a sense of assurance to potential customers and clients.Two in-house magazines were also overhauled with revised content and snazzier designs. The reseller program was given a new lease of life with a new name, reworked mechanics and a new website.

Today E-Books Systems continues to be a leader in its industry. Nota Bene continues manage, design and write for two e-magaines which are distributed monthly to over a hundred thousand readers. It also helps out E-Books Systems in their global advertising and promotional activities.

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