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Healthy Harvesta Case Study

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As a new start-up in the health-related industry, the founders had an opportunity to grow something that they were passionate about. The health industry was (and is still) very competitve and we were tasked to help create a trustworthy brand that would be aligned with its product range from the USA, with a view for diversification plans in the future.

Nota Bene helped develop a step-by-step plan that included a new brand, a corporate identity, collaterals, and a corporate website. This website would prove to be important in the coming years as it soon grew to support Healthy Harvest’s marketing and e-sales activties. A critical component to the plan was in the enlistment of help from existing clients and this was done efficiently with numerous tools being used.

The website, which by now included e-shopping, Content and Customer management system, sparked off a slew of activities which included an annual conference that is well-attended by new and old customers. Beyond the normal marketing collaterals which included leaflets, posters, bookmarks, etc, special ones were designed as booklets covering important health issues that striked a chord with its readers.

Healthy Harvest not only operates an online store with a large clienetle base, but has also established a brick-and-mortar setup in the middle of town. In its quest to diversify, it has also made plans to open a new restaurant in the first quarter of 2008. Nota Bene continues to support them in their growth.

“Very thoughtful - especially when checking back on details, i.e. whether to delete or include an email address, etc. Comfortably speedy, yet thorough.
It’s an asset to have creative people who does IT & marketing/branding together. We are very satisfied with your timeliness of services…we like your efficiency. We are also very satisfied with your after-sales support, you are willing to help us when we approach you. We feel your prices are affordable and enjoy working with all of you…” - Ms. Caline Chew, Healthy Harvest Pte Ltd

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